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While it is easier to find content on worldbuilding than it is for magic-building, some resources are better than others. This page is dedicated to the resources I feel go above and beyond the rest.

Observation and practice are the best ways to improve any skill, but that requires finding someone willing to share their process across many examples. When it comes to observing worldbuilding in action, the Worldbuild With Us podcast is the best I’ve seen.

Since the launch of their podcast, Rob and Chris have delivered a comprehensive series building a variety of worlds including a fantasy setting where each city has its own unique god, far-future science fiction settings with immensely powerful mechs called Relics, and more.

Many of the other resources on the page provide more detail on the actual craft of worldbuilding, but Worldbuild With Us is my #1 recommendation for anyone looking for exposure to quality, creative worldbuilding.

Gardul is a fantasy world and website built and maintained by Jeffery W. Ingram. The existence of a fantasy world isn’t anything special, but Jeff does more than just write in his world. He spends the time and energy to show you how he built it and why he made the choices he did.

There are tons of wonderful blog posts and podcast episodes brimming with analytical and informative guidance on worldbuilding. This is a great place to learn about worldbuilding, storytelling, and how the two fit together.

Through a combination of blog posts, podcast episodes, and detailed books, Randy Ellefson methodically walks through every aspect of worldbuilding I can think of. Even if you read the articles once and never look at them again, you will walk away with new ideas and concepts to consider.

He also has three books dedicated to worldbuilding. I only have one, but I have enjoyed it every bit of it.

If there is another place on the internet with more detail and depth than the Artifexian Youtube channel, I have yet to find it. Each video is well animated and goes deep into the technical details of worldbuilding. The only reason I don’t rank this source higher is that the information can be overwhelming.

If you want to know the exact age of your sun and calculate the orbital time, exact gravity, and axial tilt of your fantasy planet, then look no further. If that sounds like too much information and makes you squirm, Artifexian might not be for you.

But give it a try, you never know what will spark your next epiphany.

The writers over at Mythcreants have created a haven that I didn’t know I needed until I found it.

Both in the blog and on the podcast they provide a great deal of information on a variety of topics. Most of their discussions lean heavily toward the tabletop roleplaying game side of storytelling (which is awesome).

Mythcreants is also one of the few resources that talk about magic systems and worldbuilding on a regular basis. On several occasions, their insights have shaped my own views and practices in the art of magic-building.

Do yourself a favor and check them out.