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Virus-Based Magic System

Did you know we’ve been talking and working on building better magic systems for over two years now? Crazy how time flies when you’re talking about something you love.

We’ve covered lots of information in those years, and I mean a lot, so this year I thought we’d do something special. I’m taking that age-old writing advice “show, don’t tell,” and I’m putting it to use right here and now.

Well not now now, but in the past when I planned this series… And in the future when all the posts are online and ready for your binge-reading pleasure… And even further in the future when our forests start a pulpy revolution and this magic system is the only thing standing between man and…

You’re not supposed to know about that. Just forget I said anything.

Point is, this post right here is the prologue to a new series designed to take all the theory we’ve discussed and show it in action.

You doubtless have questions, and I have answers. Let’s see if they match.

What is the Magic System About?

I’m so glad you asked. As the cleverly crafted post title would indicate, it will be a virus-based magic system. Literally. As in, new viruses have appeared in the world infecting human hosts to produce magical effects.

I’m so excited. This sucker is going to be sick… get it?

*Coughs awkwardly into the silence*

What Will This Series Cover?

Anything and everything I do in the process of creating the virus-based magic system.

This will include guides for each of The 4 Stages of Building Marvelous Magic, including my first attempt and the iterations guaranteed to follow. I will also share my inner thoughts and reasoning as I generate, develop, eliminate, and refine different ideas.

It won’t just be the magic, either. This system, in particular, will be developed alongside a complimentary story. This is somewhat because I adore the story idea I have for this system. It’s also so I can show the powerful connection that can exist between a story and a magic system. Built properly, the two can support and reinforce each other in ways most people don’t realize.

Mostly, I want to show why I do the things I do… at least with regard to the magic building and storytelling.

And, depending on your interest, I might include the story itself with discussion points and notes about what I did where. If that sounds interesting, you let me know. I’m not yet certain I want to do this, but you can change my mind.

How Long Will the Series Be?

It’s hard to say, but I’m targeting for 12-15 posts. Publishing one virus-based magic post a month, we’re looking at a whole year until completion.

If life was perfect, I could tell you exactly how many times it takes working through the 4 Stages before you end up with a complete system… but I can’t. So I’m just going to build the system and plan the posts as I go along.

What Are My Goals with This Series?

As I said, I want to show how I build a magic system rather than simply tell you.

Teaching via blogging can be amazing and frustrating at the same time. I can leave up the information for you to learn at your own pace, but it’s difficult to pinpoint when I’m being unclear, confusing, or just downright complicated.

Providing a demonstration instead of lecturing should increase your understanding of how to implement previous lessons while simultaneously expanding my understanding of how to teach said lessons better.

Finally, I’m building this system and writing this series to have fun!

It’s been a while since I’ve built a magic system just for myself and I miss it. So I figured I’d treat myself and build something of instructional value along the way.

What can You do to help? 

More than anything, you can get involved. Jump in and leave comments on the posts, send me emails, or share your favorite parts of the series. You can even weave magical compulsions into the ears of your victims, telling them their lives won’t be complete without these posts.

Do whatever works best for you.

If you want something easy, you can simply show up. If you join the Marvelous Magic Builder’s Mailing List you’ll get notifications every time a new post goes live. Plus, if you’re on the list, you will have a heavier influence over the topics I cover down the line, not to mention you’ll be the first to know of coming content and special deals I run. And trust me, the deals are coming. 😀

Whatever you choose, your engagement can and will make this series a thousand times better.

That’s All for Now

Seriously. That’s all I’ve got. You can hang around if you want, but there isn’t any special teaser after the credits. Until next time, why don’t you check out the Stage 0 post to find the seed crystal for your own system? That way you can build your own system along with me. I’ve already got mine; you will need yours, starting with the next post.

Oh, and here’s a list of the posts in the series I’ve published so far.

Okay, so there’s nothing here yet… but there will be.
Each time a new post in the series goes live, I will add a link to it in this section right here so make sure you bookmark it for future reference. I suppose you could carve it into the flesh of your enemies or tattoo the hyperlink onto your arm…

But we both know that’s not how the internet works.

Now get out of here and get to work on Stage 0 of your marvelous magic system. We’ll talk again soon.

Rowenson, out.


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