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Helping authors build marvelous magic systems one stage at a time

Everything Clark does centers on getting you what you need as cheap as possible. Check out the Grimoire or TheMagicEngineer Youtube channel for tons of free content and instruction on building magic systems. If you need more detailed instruction, he might have just the book you need. And when you really need that extra perspective and guidance, you can always schedule some time with the magic engineer himself.

Start with the basics

Ready to take the first steps in building your magic system? Unsure where to begin?

How C.R. can help take your project to new heights

Why You’re Here

Maybe you’ve never been one for magic, but it might be the missing spice your story needs to reach true greatness. Or you’ve been working on your magic for years and can’t seem to get all the pieces to fit together just right. It’s also possible you’ve got a brand new system squirming around inside you and trying to burst from your chest like a stage-two Xenomorph.

All you need now is a way to survive the process. Relax. You’ve come to the right place!

Topics we cover

  • Generating ideas and brainstorming
  • Aligning your system to match your story
  • Setting up rules and limitations for your magic
  • Exploring pesky scientific laws and relationships
  • Breaking down popular magic systems to explore why and how they work
  • Discussing common mistakes and weaknesses in magic systems
Questions? Reach out

But What’s a “Magic System”?

Magic is anything that enables actions or abilities beyond our current reality and understanding. That means a Magic System is the organization and structure placed around these abilities to provide an endless variety of flare and intrigue to your fiction.

Magic can create a tremendous sense of wonder and awe, like in Harry Potter. It can be used as a cornerstone for building your characters and worlds, like the awesome and terrifying adventures within The Dresden Files. Or it can be broken down with such diligence it almost feels like a new and awesome form of science, like in The Iron Druid Chronicles.

Magic is nothing more or less than exactly what you want it to be, whether that is the almost mechanical use of Allomancy in the Mistborn Trilogy or something far more nebulous and unknown like in The Black Company. Magic – including super powers, elemental forces, high magic, or sufficiently advanced technology – is the single best thing about reading and writing fiction.

Since it’s so important, we better make sure we do it right.

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