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Madman Behind the Magic

Meet C. R. Rowenson, but you can call him Clark, Overlord, or any suitably colorful profanity you can think of. He’s an author, chemist, engineer and expert in magical systems building. His number one goal is to help authors like you design and build marvelous magic systems for your fiction.

“C.R. Rowenson is a genius when it comes to magic systems, pure and simple. His method of tackling magic systems from the creation spark to the nitty-gritty details is cohesive and understandable even for the most neophyte of writers and other creators.”

Katie MacAlisterNew York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, Wall Street Journal, and Der Speigel Bestselling, Award-Winning Author

C. R. Rowenson

Coach, Founder

As said, the name’s C. R. Rowenson. Trained in the dark and mysterious arts of chemistry and chemical engineering, he has since added writing to his magical skillset. He spends his time blowing things up, spreading chaos, and killing people when not working or writing. Fortunately for everyone, it’s mostly in his head… mostly.

While Clark is an award-winning author, that isn’t the only reason to listen to this magical madman, not by a long shot.

Clark has been fascinated by magic since he could imagine pine cones as fireballs and now studies magic building like others study oil paintings. He has developed dozens of magic systems for his own stories and worked with all kinds of storytellers, from beginning authors to New York Times Best Sellers, as well as TV screenwriters and game developers. 

The world needs more and better magic in our mainstream media. Clark wants kids to have their imagination unchained by the sheer awesomeness of the stories they consume and spark the same illogical, all-consuming love for magic he experiences daily.  To make this happen, we need more numerous, more interesting, and better-designed magic systems in our books, shows, games, and movies, and he wants to help you do precisely that.

What do you say? Are you willing to join him on this journey to fill the literary world with the kinds of magic it has never dreamed of???

Coaching For Authors

Is your character arc flat or your magic system bland? Does something about your writing feel “off” or harder than it should be? You’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re a brand new writer or a New York Times Best Seller, Clark is here to help you sidestep your problems and get back to writing!

Watch The Magic Engineer

Are videos more your speed? Discover C.R.’s YouTube channel where this rogue chemical engineer fuels his obsession and teaches everything you need to design and repair your own marvelous magic systems.