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You already know limitations are essential for a powerful magic system. We’ve talked about this in the past, but I need make sure I’ve given their importance the proper emphasis. Let me give it to you straight.

Without limitations on your magic system, your story will have zero conflict, contain boring, overpowered characters, and destroy emersion. 

I know you’ve worked hard on your craft. You’ve got the story structure nailed down, the characters are interesting, and the plot is engaging, but how do you feel about your magic system limitations? 

furious with magic limitation struggles
That bad, huh? You’re not alone.

Everywhere I go, this is the problem storytellers struggle with the most. Everyone I talk to knows limitations are important, but no they’re uncertain how to set them up to work for their story instead of against it.

Some aspiring magic builders rush to add strange quirks or elaborate details to their system. 

Others end up overwhelmed with the options, unsure where to start or stop, or find themselves circling the same ideas over and over again, never getting anywhere. 

I get it. I’ve been there, and it sucks. It’s enough to make anyone want to give up.

Guess what… I won’t let you give up. Your story needs to be told and therefore your magic needs to be built. This blog exists to help you work through these painful moments, but there’s only so much help I can provide through this medium.

I am proud to introduce:
Restrictions May Apply: Building Limits for Your Magic System

display the magic limitations workbook cover

Say No More; I’m In!

You know me. I’m a tad obsessed with magic systems and I’ve been doing it since pinecones could be fireballs. Well, I poured every bit of my experience into this workbook to help you successfully resolve your magic limitation struggles and take your stories from good to great. 

“Restrictions May Apply: Building Limits for Your Magic System” is a workbook designed to help you develop limitations and focus your magic system, and it’s filled with some of my favorite tools from my magic building toolkit. I made it for you so you can stop struggling with your magic, start worldbuilding with confidence, and bring back the fun to telling your stories.

But this tool isn’t any good if it only works for me. So the workbook has already been used by several test subjects — writers… I mean writers…

Here’s what others said about the workbook.

Nothing makes or breaks a fantasy book or series for me like the presence or absence of an expertly crafted magic system. 

From wizards to superheroes and everything in between, Rowenson pulls back the curtain on adding fantastical elements to your fiction in a way that I haven’t found anywhere else. His surgical deconstruction will forever change the way you see magic systems and his practical guidance will forever change the way you build them. 

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a budding novice, whether you already have a magical framework or are scratching your head on where to begin, this guide will ensure you come up with something unique and memorable in a time where it seems like “everything has been done.”

I can’t recommend this enough!

Mike Thayer – Author of The Epic Adventures of the Tech Wizard

Most of my secondary world fantasy stories start as an idea for some cool magic, but I struggle to wrangle all my ideas into a system that is both interesting and usable within a narrative. Clark’s blog, and now his workbook, have been a huge help.

This workbook helped me think about limitations in new ways I’d never considered before. The clear but mind-stretching exercises pulled my brain out of its usual box and gave me a lot more interesting elements for my stories.

If you feel stuck on where to go next with your own system, I recommend giving this workbook a try.

Austin Alander – Writer and Magic Builder

This workbook is awesome! I’ve already filled it out for one magic system and now I’m going through it again with two others.

This magic system workbook was instrumental in streamlining my magic system for The Shadows of Cro series. The examples and activities throughout lead me to view magic from different perspectives, which is imperative to creating a solid system.

L. R. Berquist – Author of The Black Vale

I Want a Copy!

“Restrictions May Apply,” walks you through everything you need to understand magic system limitations and start building your own. 

It doesn’t matter if this is your first time on the blog or if you’re a pro magic builder that’s been with me since the beginning. Whether you’re starting a magic system from scratch or looking to improve one that’s mostly built, this workbook will help you set the foundation of your magic so you don’t have to think about it as you write.

This Magic Building Workbook contains:

  • An introduction discussing what magic limitations are and why they matter.
  • 5 chapters exploring different sources of inspiration for magic limitations.
  • Each chapter contains a description of the source and practical exercises to get the most from it.
  • 15 practical exercises with step-by-step instructions
  • Dozens of examples from popular works of fiction and my won magic systems
  • Bonus worksheets you can use over and over until you’re satisfied with the results

Building magic systems doesn’t have to be hard. 

I want to equip you and empower you to build unforgettable magic systems for your stories.

Once you learn the role of limitations and finish your magic system, you’ll have the tools and skills to do it every time you start a new story. 

Let’s end the confusion and the overwhelm when it comes to building magic systems. No more wandering lost through the forests of your imagination hoping you find what you need to make your magic work in your stories. 

Let’s get your limitations set so you can get back to telling great stories.

This is Exactly What I Need!

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