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Here you are, formatted versions of the Magic System Blueprint explored and explained in my book The Magic System Blueprint. The Blueprint actually comes in three different forms, each of which can be found below with a button to download the PDF and a brief explanation.

If you have no idea what I’m talking then you found your way here without first getting a copy of my workbook. I’m not even mad. I’m impressed. I would recommend backing out of this page slowly and checking out my book (The Magic System Blueprint) or one of my videos on the topic, or these documents won’t make much sense.

If you meant to be here and know what you’re getting into, great! Feel free to download, print off, and share these versions of the Blueprint as much as you like. If you do share them around, just be sure you mention I am the creator and consider linking to my website or my Youtube channel.

The Core Blueprint is the first page, covering everything from the seed crystals to the consistency of the magic. It may seem simple, but this is the true power behind the Blueprint. The core quickly outlines the major shape and tone of the system as a whole. With just a little effort, you can use the Core Blueprint to quickly outline or analyze any system imaginable. Once filled out, the Blueprint will instantly display the difference between two systems that seem otherwise identical.

If the Core Blueprint isn’t enough, then you can always step up to the second form: the Essential Blueprint. In addition to all the pieces of the Core Blueprint, the Essential Blueprint has extra pages for recording thoughts and details. There’s a lot that goes into each piece of the Blueprint, and it’s wonderful to have a place to express why your variables are the way they are.

That brings us to the final format: the Deluxe Blueprint. This version of the Blueprint gives you extra space to record your magical effects and system limitations and examine the balances or imbalances of your system. Think of the Deluxe Blueprint as the first draft of your magic system bible. Once you have the Deluxe Blueprint filled out, you can add sections outlining exactly where the magic appears, which characters have what abilities, how you want the magic to tie in to the plot, and so on.