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Got a question?
No problem.

Do you have a question about coaching, events, or anything else magic related? Shoot C.R. your information and he’ll get back to you ASAP.


Where do I start?

That depends entirely on what you need.

If this is your first time building a magic system, then start by learning the definitions (What is a magic system) and the basic process (7 stages to build a magic system)

If you’ve got a magic system (doesn’t matter if it’s just a basic idea, a completed system, or something in between) and want to make sure you truly understand it, check out some of Clark’s content on The Magic-System Blueprint. There are videos, pages in the Grimoire, guest appearances, and the book itself to help you.

If something else about your magic, your story, or your writing process is tripping you up, and you want that personal touch, set up a consultation session with Clark and see how he can help you out.

How long are your coaching sessions?

The free consultation sessions are up to 30 minutes long.

Paid coaching sessions run from 45-60 minutes long.

What are your rates?

Coaching rates depend on how many hours you purchase at once:

  • Tier I: 1 hour of coaching for $125
  • Tear II: 2 hours of coaching for $240 ($120/hr)
  • Tier III: 3 hours of coaching for $300 ($100/hr)
  • Tier IV: 5 hours of coacing for $375 ($75/hr)

Members of my newsletter receive a 20% discount on coaching!

Developmental Editing Rates

  • Editing rates are $0.03/word OR $50/hr spent on the project, whichever is cheaper for you.

How do I schedule a coaching call?

Click HERE to grab a time slot on his schedule.

Note: time slots must be reserved a minimum of 24 hours before the session, and Clark will contact you if he needs to reschedule.