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The Magic System Blueprint

A Fiction Writer’s Guide to Building Magic Systems

Your world deserves the best magic system you can dream of. A quality magic system can transform your story from average to unforgettable. But what do you do when your magic system becomes overwhelming? Or if you can’t quite figure out how to make all the pieces work together?

The Magic System Blueprint, by C. R. Rowenson, is a simple magic-building tool that allows authors to quickly map out their magic system. This innovative blueprint will enable authors of every experience level and background to:

  • Gain a holistic sense of how your magic system works
  • Understand how your magic system fits into your story
  • Determine how your setting and magic system are flawlessly incorporated

Whether it be game creation, worldbuilding, or novel writing, having a well-established magic system is the cornerstone of your story. With the Blueprint in hand, you can analyze any system in existence and build every system imaginable.

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Magic Systems - Magic-Building

Restrictions May Apply

Building Limits for Your Magic System

"Every magic system needs limitations!" Sounds simple enough, but how do you build limitations that are more than strange quirks or extravagant details? How do you cut through the overwhelming number of options to build limitations that work for your story instead of against it?

Building a magic system doesn't have to be hard. "Restrictions May Apply: Building Limits for Your Magic Systems," is a magic building workbook designed to answer those exact questions. Whether you're starting a magic system from scratch or looking to improve one that's mostly built, this workbook will help you set the foundation of your magic so you can stop struggling with your magic, start worldbuilding with confidence, and bring back the fun to telling your stories. It's worked for others and it can work for you too.

I'm C. R. Rowenson and building magic systems for fiction is my specialty. In fact, I was building magic systems for fifteen years before even attempting to write fiction. I've poured every bit of my experience into this workbook to help you successfully define your magic limitations and take your stories from good to great.

So, are you ready to tell a great story with an unforgettable magic system? Let's get started!

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Praise & Reviews

Ian WoodworthSenior Editor at Big Town Small Books

The Magic System Blueprint is a must-have for the toolbox of any game creator, fiction writer, or worldbuilder, be they professional or hobbyist.

Lionel SondyFounder of the SONDYVERSE Edutainment Project

Reading and rereading this book made me more and more confident I can enrich my stories with wondrous magic that doesn’t bring huge plot holes and awkward Deus Ex Machina moments into them.


This book is fantastic… easy concepts to execute. I am new to magic systems and wanted to create the best version without having holes that could potentially ruin my story, this saved me

G. Van HalterenWriter

This book makes building a magic system so much easier and, yes, fun as well. You can find all the parts, all the pieces, all the nuts and bolts of a magic systems in there, and they are explained really well using examples of books, movies and series everybody knows...