Procrastinating 2017

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Procrastinating 2017

The holidays are over and we have officially entered into 2017. That means we have lots of things to do and an entire year to do them in. Right?

In fact, I’m already hard at work on the next round of edits of my first novel. I have a little over a month to get everything all polished and ready to hand out to editors, agents, and innocent victims at the Life the Universe and Everything Conference in February.

At least, that’s what I should be doing.

I keep finding myself doing everything but editing. I’ve been thinking up all sorts of new stories, blog posts, and hobbies that I could try. I found a new series on Netflix that I absolutely love (Blacklist if you were wondering) and can’t seem to stop watching. It’s all enough to drive me a little crazy with frustration and guilt.

I think this has been so hard for me lately because I have a long list of important things that “need” to be done. Unfortunately, the novel has to take top priority, so no matter how painful, I need to get back to work. Even now, writing this post, I’m just procrastinating in a different way.

So here’s a video that eloquently and musically encapsulates my life at this moment. I hope you enjoy, and if you feel like procrastinating yourself, these guys have a whole channel of awesome stuff just like it. (Look, I’m helping!)



Question: How do you motivate yourself when you feel like procrastinating?

Let me know in the comments below. If you’re struggling with procrastination, subscribe to my newsletter and get a list of my favorite Youtube time wasters. Until next time, C. R. Rowenson out.


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  1. Yup. Procrastination sucks. The only thing that builds the wall that keeps it out is the fear of our short and unpredictable mortal end. Yay depressing thoughts 😀

    • C. R. Rowenson

      lol 🙂 Too true. What usually gets me moving is the fact that I will never make it if I never move. That mostly works… mostly.

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