Power Junkie Unleashed

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Power Junkie Unleashed!

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Photo by Jon David Nelson

My name is C. R. Rowenson and I am your Homegrown Power Junkie. As you have probably guessed, this is my blog and my website. Now, I’m sure you are wondering “who is this lunatic, why should I listen to him, and why is he holding a badger?” Allow me to explain.

Most importantly, the badger is mine, so back off! We clear on that? Good.

Like so many other creative and/or disturbed individuals, I have taken on the terrifying mantel of The Writer. That’s right. Entire worlds tremble and collapse at my fingers;  characters tremble as I shape their lives, reaching into the deepest parts of them, directing, probing, and… eww, that got kind of gross. Let me try again.

You know what, forget about me for a second. Let’s talk about this drivel you’re reading right now.

This drivel you’re reading right now

Obviously this blog is fairly new or there would already be three million posts dating back to before my conception. Some blogs focus on a particular topic, devoting every word to their cause. This is not one of those blogs. This isn’t because I don’t know what to write about, but rather their is too much to discuss. As a writer, I am obligated to talk about writing at least a little (seriously, it’s in the by-laws [page 247 paragraph 6]), but that won’t be the bulk of the content. The main purpose of this blog is to explore how our universe works and everything in it.

The world we live in is an amazing place, filled with awesome science and tremendous stories. It used to be I just loved science, chemistry in particular, but as I have grown older my interests have spread. Science is awesome, but it isn’t the only thing to shape nations and alter history. Unfortunately, it can be physically painful to find a simply written introduction to many of these topics; even those that aren’t written in some sort of cyber-elvish tend to be as dry and bland as my cooking.

Fear not, ye brave surfers of the internet, I’m here to help. *Theme music blares in the background*

Look, I’m helping… Sort of

The real world can be fascinating, but it can also be boring as watching a dog sleep. Wait… scratch that, dogs are adorable. I could watch them sleep all day. Here’s a couple now.


Ahem. Back to the point. The real universe can be boring, so I plan to spice it up by taking things into the realm of fiction. I have loved Fantasy books since before I could read (my parents read to me, if you are wondering) and that, more than anything, grabs my attention. It is my hope that I can use fiction and fictional worlds to help explain otherwise mind-numbing topics.

The tone of the blog posts will vary depending on the whims of a madman. Obviously some will be a silly, but others will be more serious in tone. Still others will give you insight into the machinations of my brain, which is a seriously messed up place. I may be a bit crass at times, but I am no Chuck Wendig (his blog, terribleminds, is hilarious by the way). I swear, that man has mastered swearing and outrageous metaphors, turning them into some new, twisted form of entertainment.

It is never my intention to be insulting or demeaning to others. It takes all sorts to make up the world; please know I never intend to hurt anyone. If you still find yourself getting upset, take comfort in the fact that there is the entirety of the internet to loose yourself in and forget the horrors you witnessed on this insignificant blog.

There you have it, the first entry of my blog. If you have any questions or topics of interest, please tell me in the comments below. Now that you know what you have in store, I’ll be back in two weeks to tell you a little more about myself. Until then, Power Junkie out.

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