This is All About YOU!

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It’s all about YOU! Welcome back. Did you miss me? No… okay. L-let’s just dive right in then. Let’s talk about the title. This is a topic that I brought up in the last post and, for those that signed … Continued

So… Where’s the Magic?

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So… Where’s the Magic? Photo by Bohman Welcome back readers. In the last time I introduced myself and the blog in the launch post. Today I wanted to give you some more background on who I am and why I’m … Continued

Power Junkie Unleashed

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Power Junkie Unleashed! My name is C. R. Rowenson and I am your Homegrown Power Junkie. As you have probably guessed, this is my blog and my website. Now, I’m sure you are wondering “who is this lunatic, why should … Continued

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