This is All About YOU!

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It’s all about YOU!

Welcome back. Did you miss me? No… okay. L-let’s just dive right in then.

Let’s talk about the title. This is a topic that I brought up in the last post and, for those that signed up, in the newsletter.

Nearly everything I am doing is all about you. It sounds crazy, I know. This is my website, my blog, and my writing career, so of course it should be about me, right?


Writing is a fun and challenging craft, but without readers there is little fulfillment to be found. Without you this blog just becomes an pointless rant to the empty reaches of the internet, this website just becomes a hollow monument to my ego, and my books become dead bits of memory on a hard drive.

I can’t do this without you… please don’t leave.

That’s not to say this cyberspace won’t benefit me, because it will. There are a number of goals that I hope to achieve. For one, I hope to build a website/blog capable of supporting itself through ads, affiliate links, and, eventually, sale of my own products. But that is only one goal among many.

What I really want is a way to connect with people like you; to build a community of magic lovers; and to learn from those around me. But more than anything else, I want to help.


I’m Online and I’m Here to Help

There’s just one problem: I’m an engineer, not a teacher. I write fiction, not prescriptions. So what can I possibly do to help?

I love understanding how things work, whether it’s a chemical reaction or a combustion engine. That’s a large part of why I became a scientist in the first place. Over the decades, I have learned to examine all the individual pieces and really understand how they work together and create the whole. I also have a knack for explaining things.

That brings me the true purpose of this blog. The world is a massive, fascinating, complicated place. I won’t pretend that I understand even a small fraction of it, but I will do my best to provide an easy source of knowledge and learning for those with interested.

Unfortunately, this stuff tends to be boring. Or, more accurately, it is delivered in a boring manner.

So I’m not going to do that.

If you read my last post, then you know just how fanatical I am about magic. Thinking in terms of magic makes things a good deal more palatable and interesting for me. So, as I continue to build this blog, I plan to explore the many aspects of our world through the lens of fiction and magic. In fact, this concept is the driving force behind much of my fiction.


Designer Magic

laboratory photo
Photo by Patrick McConahay

Instead of taking it easy and slowly warming up the topic, I plan on diving straight into a series of posts focusing on designing and building a magic system. I have no idea how long it will run, as it is a rather massive

topic, but here is a taste of the areas I will cover things like

  • Why should you plan your system.
  • Brainstorming questions and concepts designed to help generate ideas for your system.
  • How to identify if you want Hard or Soft magic.
  • Why and how you can trim down your system
  • Choosing which natural laws to follow and which to break.
  • How to build the “inner rules” of your magic.
  • Why you should break your system and how to fix it.
  • Taking the magic and turning it into a part of your world.

Act now and you will receive-

Obviously this upcoming series is going to be awesome, but there will be other content on the blog as well. Here are just a few tricks I’ve got up my sleeves.

  • Book Reviews: I read a lot of fiction and love talking about a good book.
  • Story Analysis: there are so many moving parts in a story that sometimes I will want to dive deeper into what exactly an author did right. Or wrong, as the case may be.
  • Study of Magic Systems: I tend to view this as something separate from the general writing craft. There are many fantastic authors that can’t craft a decent magic system and even more people that work the other way ‘round. Besides, you should know how I feel about magic by now.
  • Personal Stories: I don’t like to preach, but on occasion important life lessons manage to hammer their way into my skull. Maybe if I share these lessons and experiences, you can avoid some of the same. If it might help you as much as it does me, then that’s something.
  • Lots and lots of content about science and how exactly the world works.


Who are You?

silhouette photo
Photo by tm-tm

Like I said, this is comes back to helping you.

So, who are you?

Are you a Writer looking for a guidance on better, more realistic world building? Are you a Game Master trying to fold a new form of magic into your game? Are you a reader that just wants to better appreciate the books they read? Or are you just a person struggling with a new topic?

Whoever you are, I want to know.

Please leave a comment or send me an email. Tell me what interests you. What topics have you struggled with in the past? What problems are you having right now?

Thanks for reading. We’ll talk again soon.

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  1. i can’t wait! You’re going to be one of the few blogs I read on a consistent basis. I just know it.

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