The Alive & Writing Podcast Has Launched

Writing is Hard; Being an Author is Harder

As authors, there seems to be a never-ending stream of challenges that we have to overcome, both in the craft and in ourselves.

Writing a powerful story isn’t easy. There is so much to consider between story structure, theme, character POV, plot development, audience preferences, foreshadowing, story tropes, and more that it’s easy to become confused, overwhelmed, frustrated, and consumed with self-doubt.

Am I doing this right? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Is anyone ever going to read my story? What if it’s not good enough? I can’t hold a Hand of Glory to this author over here, so what’s the point?

There are lots of fantastic resources out there on the craft of writing, not the least of which being Writing Excuses and Helping Writers Become Authors. All of these guys are awesome there’s not as much guidance on dealing with these internal, intensely personal struggles we all go through.

Alive and Writing
is a new podcast put together by three of us authorial types and is tailored to help you through the overlooked and unmentioned struggles that fill an author’s life. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of these struggles to cover.

Over the coming months and years you can expect episodes on these topics and more.

  • Mental health issues like anxiety, depression, getting help, and living your life
  • Dealing with self-doubt, impostor syndrome, and overwhelm
  • Organization and Time Management to improve your writing and your life
  • Engaging with readers
  • Finding your support, fans, and your clan


Who Are these Lunatics?

Chautona Havig: 

Capable of writing books in a variety of genres, Chautona is, however, incapable of writing a simple bio worth a hill of beans, peanuts, or peanut shells.

Author of… um.. yeah, a bunch of books, Chautona escapes into her imaginary worlds and emerges only long enough for sleep, a bite to eat, and to request a refill on her Coke. Again.

Chautona can also be found at her website: Just the Write Escape


April Hayman

April Hayman lives in the high desert of California with her husband and their three sons. During the day, she focuses on homeschooling the boys and working on client projects. She writes at night when the temperature outside is only somewhat cooler than during the day.

April collects fountain pens, has too many pen pals (and always looking for more), journals sporadically, creates art when she can squeeze it in, and hordes stationery.

April can also be found at her website: The Picayune Pen

C. R. Rowenson: Author, Literary Sadist, and Power JunkieAnd ME

 I’d like to think you all know me by now, but that might be presumptuous. I am a writer of Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror as well as a full-time Chemical Engineer and Power Junkie. The rest you’ll have to find out on your own.


Come Join us!

This first chapter of the podcast is You Are Not Alone. I can’t wait to see you guys there and start learning together.

Rowenson, out.

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