C. R. Rowenson: Author, Literary Sadist, and Power JunkieWho is the Power Junkie?

Trained in the dark and mysterious art of chemistry, award winning author C. R. RowensonAuthor Award: Writers of the Future Honorable Mention
spends his time blowing things up, spreading chaos, and killing people. Fortunately for us, it’s all in his head.

Like most writers, C. R. Rowenson spent his life exploring the endless imaginary realms and harrowing perils presented by the magic of books. Now, with dual degrees in chemical engineering and chemistry, an overactive imagination, and a horribly twisted mind, he crafts tales of his very own. Many of his works are fantasy, but he delights in incorporating elements of horror and scientific realism. Recently he has begun dipping his gore-spattered fingers into other genres as well.

To pay the bills, C. R. Rowenson works in California as a Chemical Engineer.  It’s not bad work, but he hardly ever gets to kill anyone. This tragedy is muted by the presence of his wonderful wife and spastic, lovable dog. When time allows, he develops his skills in martial arts, blacksmithing, and more hobbies than any sane person should be allowed to have.